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People tend to be surprised when they see my collection of fabric art. There are some incredible fabric artists who can weave a whole story out of fabric. Fabric has a long and storied history of being a way to convey the status of the owner as well as the skill of the artist. I have art from local and international artists and, where possible, I like to support young, up and coming artists. This blog talks about how to build a collection of fabric art and some of the things to look for as you start your art collection.

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Team Building and Morale Tips for Your Business
31 May 2016

A unified team of staff is a great asset to any bu


Team Building and Morale Tips for Your Business

A unified team of staff is a great asset to any business. Encouraging a strong team spirit makes for happier staff and a more productive workplace. You've spent the time building your business; now you might like to dedicate some time to building morale and creating a stronger, happier team. Read on for some ideas on how you can do that.

Involve Your Staff More

Getting your employees involved with different aspects of the business encourages them to feel more invested in it. You can do this in a variety of ways.

  • Put up an ideation board that people can jot ideas on. Or you can add a suggestions box for staff to make suggestions anonymously.
  • Consider holding monthly team meetings -- buy some food and drink and close the office early. The team can sit down during the working day and discuss the business in a pleasant atmosphere. 
  • Encourage staff to air any grievances they may have. Fostering an open atmosphere in which staff can address anything that's on their mind safely makes for a happier working environment.

Consider Giving Staff Rewards for Ideas

When one of your staff makes a suggestion that improves the running of your business or encourages growth, reward their input. It doesn't have to be a big reward -- just something that tells them that you value their effort. A bottle of wine or a box of chocolates will do.

Celebrate Your Staff's Special Days

You want your staff to know that they are valued. After all, they are integral to your business' success. You can show them that you care by making sure you're aware of their special days. Send presents for events like weddings and new babies, and celebrate birthdays in the office. Get the team involved in the celebration by getting your staff to sign a birthday card. You can buy a cake and a bottle of something nice and close the office half an hour early for birthday festivities.

Consider Sporting Activities That Help Foster a Strong Team

Consider holding regular sports events. This can be an annual affair that allows your staff to get outside, burn some energy and have some fun. Make the event special by giving out awards for the winners. These can be picked up from a trophies and awards supplier. If you want to do something sporty on a regular basis, look for a business sporting league in your area. You can build a sport's team and encourage competition with other companies. Being a part of a business league not only gives your staff a great team-building outlet, it also helps them to network. If you can't find a league to join, you can contact other businesses in your area and create a sporting league of your own.